Every person that has steady income is required to register and formalize business activity. In such a case it should be reported to the CEIDG, namely the Central Register of Individual Business Activity. This can be done in one of three ways:

  • In the office of the city or town.

  • By registered letter.

  • Electronically.

By registering business activity, every entrepreneur is also obliged to choose the form of taxation and once again can choose one of four forms:

- Taxation on general principles.

- A flat tax.

- Tax card.

- Lump sum tax on registered revenue of.


Each of the newly founded company must also obtain tax identification number and code, which should be on company stamps and on all the documents and agreements. They are also need to the contacts with the Office of Tax and Social Insurance.

Each newly formed company should also have its own bank account. In the case of one -man business regulatory burden are much smaller than in the case of joint- stock companies. Anyway, they are still required so it is better to take a look at them at the beginning.


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